New Album Release Soul Doctrine performed by Sonata Islands!

Soul Doctrine

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November 16, 2018 street release date of album Soul Doctrine on Innova. Includes original compositions “Soul Doctrine”, “Silent Crackdown”, “Flute Soldier”, “Unafraid”, and “Rock Furious”. Pictured are the members of the Sonata Islands Quartet. From left to right - Walter Zanetti, electric guitar, Andrea Dindo, piano, Emilio Galante, flute, and Pepito Ros, alto saxophone.

Program Notes for the title track “Soul Doctrine” - Soul Doctrine (2016) was commissioned by Emilio Galante and the Sonata Islands Trio. The composition derives its musical material from the conflict between the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation. Part I is a free interpretation of a searching soul. Part II applies feng shui to the birth date of Martin Luther (November 10, 1483) and to the start date of The Council of Trent (December 13, 1545) to produce its structure. Six themes are juxtaposed according to this structure. They are Luther’s “Ein feste burs ist unser Gott” (Reformation Theme), Palestrina’s “Missa Pape Marcelli” (Counter-Reformation Theme), the plain chant “Alma Redemptoris” (Virgin Mary Theme), Jethro Tull’s “Cross-Eyed Mary” (Mary Magdalene Theme), “God’s Music” based on pure major triads, and “Devil’s Tune” based on the number six. Part III offers a physical and spiritual union of the opposing forces.